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Friends, I am watching the videos of TI, everything had already downloaded the site, see, I would like some manual or something that explained the functions of the stellaris, for example, the function ButtonPull (), found nothing about some examples of functions not included in the documentation, please ask the help of lords.

I know, the gentlemen will say this all the documentation, but it's not all this, some missing functions. if you have any books that you buy or hint, that I may learn well the subject I thank

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Go to TI site and download the latest version of StellarisWare - install it and in the file Your_StellarisWare_dir\boards\ek-lm4f120xl\drivers\buttons.c you will find out a description of the function ButtonsPoll(). I think it must be also described in the documents related to this board in the folder \docs, but nothing better than a look to the source code also.



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I have the same problem,


going through documentation i could write the following program


#include "inc/hw_types.h"
#include "inc/hw_memmap.h"
#include "driverlib/sysctl.h"
#include "driverlib/gpio.h"
#include "drivers/buttons.h"

int main(void) {
	unsigned char button_val;
	unsigned char Delta;





		button_val = ButtonsPoll(Δ, 0);



but it is giving me for errors,



Description Resource Path Location Type
#10010 errors encountered during linking; "Lab3HW.out" not built Lab3HW C/C++ Problem
unresolved symbol ButtonsInit, first referenced in ./main.obj Lab3HW C/C++ Problem
<a href="file:/C:/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/dmed/HTML/10234.html">#10234-D</a>  unresolved symbols remain Lab3HW C/C++ Problem
unresolved symbol ButtonsPoll, first referenced in ./main.obj Lab3HW C/C++ Problem
How to use this in the proper way? What is the reason for these errors?
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