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The Interface Contest - Win a DP ATX Breakout!

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I have a fresh new Dangerous Prototype's ATX Breakout board that I'd like to give away.




To qualify for the contest, you need to interface your Stellaris Launchpad or any Stellaris family chip to an external peripheral - High speed ADC, Sensors, actuators etc.


To enter the contest:

1. You have to be a member of Stellarisiti for a week before the end date.

2. End date is 4/14/2013. You get one month to do your job.

3. You need to make a build thread, either in Code Vault or Projects detailing your work. Working code is essential, with a video, schematic and pictures.

4. I'll be the judge of the contest, based on the ingenuity, content submitted and quality of the work.


Thanks and make sure to start your thread.!

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I was getting something ready for this, oh well, guess it is good I hadn't gotten too far at it.


Might be well to update the stellarisiti homepage http://forum.stellarisiti.com/ to remove the contest link on the right hand side.

(Or change it to reflect the new contest).

No worries.. there will be more. There were no responses, so I moved it.

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