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Stellaris Drum Machine

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This is a quick test of playback of vintage drum machine sounds. In the 80's there where several popular drum machines that used samples of real drums stored in 27xx series EPROMs. They would simply sequentially address the EPROM and the data was sent to a companding DAC (Am6070). Some sounds also had a filter or envelope applied - this code does not do that. These old machines had numerous EPROM chips to store the samples. With modern flash technology it is possible to put a complete sample set right in the microcontroller itself.


Right now this just loops through all the samples in a set. There is no MIDI or any sort of trigger support yet.


Samples are included for:

Linn LM-1

Linndrum (LM-2)

Linn 9000 Drum Computer

Oberheim DX

Oberheim DMX




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