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Wirefree - 43oh WiFi WizFi210 Wiznet BoosterPack

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Hi All,

Just finished coding up and writing the first wiki draft for wifi BoosterPack. There is still some work to be done in the code, but it works. I wrote up a basic example to upload counter data to Cosm(formerly Paschube). Application note on how to connect the BoosterPack to Cosm is can be found in The 43oh Library.




You can buy the BoosterPack PCB from The 43oh Store @ $5.0. The application note can be found in the 43oh.com wiki at this link. Main wiki page is here.





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Very Nice!!!!


it works on spi too or just only on rs?

we need prepare energia lib :D

Thanks all. The firmware I had from Wiznet was for serial 232. They are upgradable though to spi. The BP provides breakouts and pin-outs for all pins. You can buy them cheaper @ Wiznet for $23.00. Min quantity is 2.


If members are interested, we can do a Group Buy. I'll put the Wifrefree PCBs in there, so you can save on shipping.

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