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Stellaris LaunchPad IMU.

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This is a project for me to learn programming on the Stellaris,  with tons of materials, support from TI, this and other forums, I managed to get a working port going for this project.   I ported pa

It works!    time to study!!!  

First test.. at 5:52am.. got get some Zzzz.. Church and lessons to cover till 3pm.. arghh!

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With the caveat that I connected my GY-80 to a MSP430 Launchpad and so far only played with the pressure sensor: For me it is sufficient to connect VCC_3.3V to the Launchpad VCC, leaving VCC_IN unconnected.


Nice work with the impromptu booster pack. I guess I found my weekend project :)

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don't know if you've seen this: http://www.ti.com/tool/boostxl-senshub - the Sensor-Hub Booster Pack.


The hardware resembles and IMU too, but, what makes this a precious gem - is the software that comes with it: a set of functions to deal with the sensors, and a 9 axis sensor fusion code (and a nice I2C driver which uses interrupts!).


Don't miss this! Will save you a lot of work!



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Awesome! I was in the middle of doing the same thing by hand. I bought a very cheap GY80 clone off ebay, and so far I've managed to read the accel and gyro. I haven't messed with the magnetometer nor barometric pressure sensor yet. I think your work will be a good resource to get my IMU finished and ready for my experimental quad based on the Stellaris.

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There's also this very nice library FreeIMU: a libre 9DOM/DOF inertial measurement unit (zip)


It uses advanced algorithms —quaternions— and compute different angles —raw-pitch-roll and Euler.


Fabio, the author, has fully documented the library with a MoS Thesis: Using Arduino for Tangible Human Computer Interaction

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