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Thank you To all the Engineers,Programmers, hobbyist and many more.

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To all the Engineers / Programmers, hobbyist and many more,


I want to thank all of you that made this hobby so enjoyable. 

The massive amount of info that you guys put out in this and other forums is amazing.


Sometime, I ask very stupid and elementary questions, I am a hobbyist, so I can only invest little time to research and learn on the things that I am tinkering on. 


Every project is a learning experience, I pick things that interest me to learn, to many of us, it is just fun, you guys are just like a mentor or teacher,  I just dont have the brains or time to learn but guys are patient and always offer more than what is needed.


Many like me don't have engineering background but love to tinker with stuff since young. You might not realise it, but the little code snippet that you put out might just tip me over from giving up to successful project.


Once again THANK YOU!!


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