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I had this idea after finding out there are no TV Out libraries for the Stellaris Launchpad. Well, after two days of hair pulling I can almost imagine why. It's very hard to do timing accurate things on this uC and a lot of unknown stuff gets in your way.

I got pretty far with the implementation, I'll have to see if I will do some more with it. Rather, I'm hoping that the community will chime in and support this feature, so if there is enough interest and able coders we might set up some some source community project (google code / github / sourceforge / ...).


- some white streaks on the sides, caused by some peripherals. I'm using only two resistors as "the hardware" so they might pick up some noise from uC.

- slight vertical jitter. This is kind of expected because I did not want to do loop counting

- oscilloscope loses sync sometimes, this means that timing is off

- no double buffering. I'm using a large array (~21k) as a buffer and it's not packed at all

- code style: I'm pretty new to the embedded world so I appreciate any kind of feedback you have to offer. I might have reinvented the wheel in some places


It's a flickering bouncing box.



Any contribution is appreciated, I can provide the hex file if someone wants to try it. It has only been tested with a small beamer.






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