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sine function not accepting variable argument

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 I am using arm-none-eabi-xxx for stellaris launchpad develpment. I tried the math library but sin, cos functions are not returning any thing if I pass variable arguments but it is working with constant arguments.


Any idea?

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I assume that you are using Energia to compile and thus use the compiler supplied with Energia? If you are using a different compiler then you might want to try the general forum.

The Sketch below works for me.


void setup() {                

float deg2rad(float deg)
  return (deg * PI)/180.0f;

float deg = 0;
float s;

void loop() {
  Serial.print(") = ");
  Serial.println(sin(deg2rad(deg)), DEC);
  deg += 1;
  if(deg > 360)
    deg = 0;  


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