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communicating with 2nd USB port on Stellaris Launchpad from Linux

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  This site has been a very good resource.  I was able to get debugging from CCS to LM4F120 launpad working from ubuntu.   So, now I'm moving on to my next issue...


My environment: Ubuntu 12.04; CCS 5.2.1; TI Stellaris LM4F120 Launchpad. 


The launchpad target has to uUSB ports, one for debug the other for com, e.g. uartprintf().  The qs_rgb and helloworld examples use uartprintf() to communicate with a user, but I have not been able to get it to work from my ubuntu laptop.


When I connect the 2nd (non-debug) USB to my laptop it does not enumerate.  Any idea how I can get this to work?



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I believe demos like qs_rgb use UART0 by default, which is connected to the debug interface.  (i.e. the debug output comes on the virtual com port

that is part of the debug interface).


So to get the uartprintf communication, be sure your USB cable is connected to the debug port.

Then you need to figure out which serial port is associated with the USB connection.


To get the non-debug USB port to enumerate you would need to be running a program on the launchpad that enables/uses the processors USB

functions.  (Like the USB demos, the USB bootloader project that was posted on stellarisiti, etc.).

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