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Programming LM4F when IDC USB connector destroyed

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I got 2 Stellaris Launchpads in the beginning.  On one of them a couple of weeks ago I ripped off the USB connector for programming by accident.  The connector was very tight and I later saw that the solder job mounting the connector was poor.


I plan on going over to the USB mass Storage programming for my projects.  However, How do I programm the bootloaded in? ICD, JTAG or ?. There appear to be JTAG pads for the application processor.  Can I use the other board to do this?  If so how? Get a Sparkfun JTAG adaptor?


I tried to fix the USB connector (replace with a new on on a breakout board) but was unable to solder to the remaing traces or pins. TOO SMALL! for my old eyes.



Thanks in Advance

John K

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