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Time for Noob Parade!


I purchased the 2.2" touch screen LCD from 43oh Store in place of the 3.5 screen called for in TI Stellaris Lab10.  Of course the 3.5 became available the same day I ordered the 2.2"


I have files color.h and main.c from the 43oh Forum which are associated with a Lights Out game.


Stupid me, I cannot figure out how to load these bare files, cannot seem to find another pair of files msp430g2553.h and colorLCD.h which are #INCLUDE called out in the main.c file.


Cannot figure out how or what to substitute to make the 2.2" LCD work in place of the 3.5" in Lab10.


Any help, including being told to find another line of work, gratefully accepted.



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Further tinkering has determined that there are more than 1 version of msp430g2553.h out there to be found.  Found one version that compiles with only a single fault: tells me that it is for ICC430/A430 only.  Other versions return 40 or more errors on compile and that is the end of that.


So, trying to determine where I can get my hands of a working version of msp430g2553.h  All have Version 1 - Revision 1 in the top commented text, so this isn't very helpful in determining the pedigree of a specific file.


Anybody have a version of msp430g2553.h that works with the 2.2" LCD screen that they would care to share?



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