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Native picoc interpreter on Stellaris Launchpad

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I was just searching for a arm prot of picoc, and find your message.


The picoc source code is straight c code -- there is nothing you need for an ARM "port" other than a cross compiler!


Adding basic support for your arm system should be quite simple -- at a minimum you need to provide functions that provide the equivalent of getc, putc, and gets.  These should be simple hooks into the equivalent functions on your specific board.  That will get you the interactive picoc that you saw in my demo.  Going beyond the simple interactive mode is the challenging part, depending of course on how far you want to take things.


Look in the platform subdirectory for example platform adaptations.

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I'd be grateful if you posted your code here for sharing. Keep us posted.


I'm still actively developing and debugging, so it is a bit premature.


I plan to submit my changes upstream so that folks will get Stellaris support just by downloading the upstream source.

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