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Using Stellaris Launchpad as a Thermometer

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Hi,   Here is my first project with Stellaris Launchpad. This is a very simple thermometer, that uses the internal temperature sensor of the Stellaris MCU for temperature measuring, and the UART_0 mod

You need to add or link the following  files to your project. You can find them in the utils folder of Stellarisware. Right click on your project and click add files.   - Uartstdio.c

I'm sorry for late reply. As bluehash said, first install stellarisware and add Uartstdio.c

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Just a simple question which pop into my mind. Since we are using the internal temperature sensor here, wouldn't that display the core temperature. Then most probably it will show a higher value right? 

 You are right. The core temperature is higher than the ambient temperature because of the power consumption of the chip. That's why I used the hibernation module: in most of time the MCU is in hibernation.

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Someone requested the C# source code files. I uploaded my full solution

to here: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D7111974_784_008747413


I am sorry but the source code is not commented at all, and may contains errors.

(This is my first project in C#).




The C# source code files are no longer available in SugarSync. Can you upload them again?



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