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Using Stellaris Launchpad as a Thermometer

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I think you have to add this two Preprocessor symbols:

IAR -> Options -> C/C++Compiler -> Preprocessor -> Defined symbols: (one per line) ->




Here is my settings:


Thanks for your reply. After following your instructions, got the following message:


[su003]: in "--define_symbol PART_LM4F120H5QR":

          missing '='

Error while running Linker

Total number of errors: 1

Total number of warnings: 0


Kind regards and thanks in advance.


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Hi,   Here is my first project with Stellaris Launchpad. This is a very simple thermometer, that uses the internal temperature sensor of the Stellaris MCU for temperature measuring, and the UART_0 mod

You need to add or link the following  files to your project. You can find them in the utils folder of Stellarisware. Right click on your project and click add files.   - Uartstdio.c

I'm sorry for late reply. As bluehash said, first install stellarisware and add Uartstdio.c

Posted Images

I developed a PC application to show the visual output.

It simply reads the selected virtual COM port, and displays the data graphically.

Here is the *.zip file to download: http://forum.stellarisiti.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=309


Extract the compressed *.zip file and start "Stellaris Temperaure Logger v04.exe".



This application requires:

  • Windows OS
  • .NET Framework 4


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Hey guys,
I'm new to Stellaristi, awesome forum! I really love my Stellaris Launchpad, since it keeps me away from dealing with nasty register bit settings. 
I developed the same application as nemetila and found his solution yesterday, but my Windows Application is by far not as nice as yours. ;-)
The Applications receives the temperature from a selectable serial port and displays it. 270 means 27.0°C.


Clicking on Red, Green and Blue lights the Launchpad LED in the matching color (just by sending 'R', 'G', or 'B' char via UART).


I connect to my PC via JY-MCU UART-Bluetooth Module from China (http://dx.com/p/jy-mcu-arduino-bluetooth-wireless-serial-port-module-104299) on UART3. Took me a long long way to figure out, that PD7 on UART2 is used for supply voltage monitoring on the Launchpad so this UART is not usable without additional coding. Next problem: Uartstdio.h supports only UART0-UART2, so I had to enhance this library a bit to use it for UART3.

I couldn't use UART1, because their pins are used by the LCD...




Additionaly I use a Nokia 5110 Display module via SSI (as well very cheap from China http://dx.com/p/replacement-1-6-lcd-screen-with-blue-backlight-for-nokia-5110-blue-145860 )


Nice thing about Bluetooth is connectivity to mobile devices such as Android Phones. With "Bluetooth SPP"-App i could easily connect to the Launchpad UART and display the temperature-vaules on my Android phone.


Nice and simple, R, G and B-commands also work.


I will do some code cleanup and share it with you here.



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I think Moritz runs his application on WINDOWS 7 or WINDOWS Vista.

In my first post my app runs on WINDOWS 8, and in post #12 it runs on WINDOWS 7.


The visual appearance of the same application looks differently on different Windows OS, especially on WINDOWS 8.

WINDOWS 8 looks plain and simple.



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The 'Stellaris Temperaure Logger v04' program does not repond... :o I have .net framework 4... Any hints?

I tested it on three different PCs (XP x32, Win7 x32 and Win8 x64). It works.


Hint: because 'Stellaris Temperaure Logger v04.exe' is rarely used, some antivirus softwares may recognise it as "unknown" "untrusred" application and block it. Check your antivirus settings.

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#20 identifier "GPIO_PA0_U0RX" is undefined main.c /I2C line 120 C/C++ Problem
#20 identifier "GPIO_PA1_U0TX" is undefined main.c /I2C line 121 C/C++ Problem
i m getting this error in ccs compiler pleas help


You need to add or link the following  files to your project. You can find them in the utils folder of Stellarisware. Right click on your project and click add files.

- Uartstdio.c


Or use this methode:

Install CCS 5 and StellarisWare.

Download and extract the Stellaris_v01.zip file, then start CCS and use "Project"->"Import existing CCS Eclipse Project".

Browse the extracted "Stellaris_v01" directory and click "Finish". Build Project then debug.

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