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Awesome! Love it. If you want to put this on the Store, let me know. I can have the first batch sponsored.


Thanks for the offer, but I already built a batch of these so that I can provide them to consulting clients.


I'll put them on the store on my site too in case others want to pick one up -- probably for around $10.  I'll post here when I get around to doing that (if it is OK with you).


I've been using another proto board design for the past couple of months -- nice for really simple designs that can fit on a mini-proto board.


Not sure whether I'll invest in building a bigger batch -- just made 3 at this point.


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Are these available for purchase at all?  I would love to get a hold of one!  I don't know why TI decided it would be a good idea to make the headers 2 deep, but it really makes it annoying to prototype with.  This booster would definitely help out a lot.


Yes, they are available here:


[Redacted], please contact the Admin.

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Store link redacted. Please mail the admin for vendor listing on Stellarisiti.
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