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Timer interrupt on LM4F120 using TimerIntRegister issue

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Thank you!

Now the sketch runs without problems, I even started 2 timers simultaneously (TIMER0 and TIMER1) with different HZ and it works like a charm! (tested with an oscilloscope). Is there an easy description for the tiva timers and the indifferences with energia (think of delay, PWM, tone and so on)? The Arduino community has something the good way, as an example: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/Timers-Arduino

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Thank you for your hint with the TI-API document (shame on me not reading this before).

One thing is not clear to me: The "ROM_" prefix.

As I read for example the part of the timer description I see:

TimerConfigure(uint32_t ui32Base, uint32_t ui32Config)

but in a energia example code (above) i see:



So how is this "ROM_" prefix to understand?


thank you


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