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[Energia Library] Petit FatFS SD Card Library

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This is a port of ChaN Petit FatFS SD library targeted to low RAM microcontrollers and offers a minimal FAT implementation, with limited write support. For more details see http://elm-chan.org/fsw/ff/00index_p.html


A lot of credits goes to the main contributors to this topic http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1427-petitefs-fatfs-sdcard-usci-code/



Because this library makes use of the SPI library included in Energia it works for both MSP430 and Stellaris launchpads.


With MSP430 I noticed some interference with Serial.print so before every call to the fat library I had to add a small delay. On Stellaris board these are not necessary.



Unzip and copy in Energia\hardware\msp430\libraries or Energia\hardware\lm4f\libraries .


The file attached to this post is the first version. Please use the variant from 43oh forum: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3209-energia-library-petit-fatfs-sd-card-library/#entry27705


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