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Pocket Scope - attn NJC

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NJC, I am aware you are in the process of building one. I found this in the DesignMSP430 website. Due credit goes to Shaun Parsons. This might come in handy while you build yours. There is no code listing, but you could ask him if he's willing to share.

He's using the MSP430F1611 with 10K RAM.


Design link

For those not registered on the DesignMSP430 site, project pdf



Weight: 200g

Size: 125mm long, 70mm wide, 35mm high

Screen: 128 x 64 LCD with LED back light

Running time of over 24 hours continues operation

Screen scaling from 2.0mV to 2.0V per pixel with a 1:1 scope probe fitted

RS232 serial port interface for downloading of logged data samples as well as

for code updates.

Code updates can be encrypted to the serial number of the device, and so

can be emailed to the end client.


2 ch analog inputs

50 Ohm BNC inputs for use with standard oscilloscope probes

1M ohm || 10pf input impedance

1Mhz bandwidth and 250k s/s

Maximum displayable input signal is

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Very interesting from the specs. I haven't gotten around to registering on that site yet, and for some reason the pdf link isn't working. I should probably register though since there is a portable medical device I'm interested in seeing also on the site. A few things stand out to me as sketchy. 1MHz bandwidth but only 250ks/s... ...once I register I will take a look at the code, I'm very curious to see which tricks they use when measuring both channels.


I actually have the code for the first ADC post done, and have the oscilloscope part working on the F5528 and F2013. I just haven't had time to test it thoroughly on the G2231 and the LaunchPad. Any test volunteers? If anyone is interested I will choose the first two people who PM me their emails. The only stipulation is that you give honest feedback, and do not post the code anywhere claiming it is yours, and not to talk about it till I post it on my blog.


Things are crazy here in Berlin, otherwise I'd already have the whole project running. I really want to get the code tested so I can finish writing the next post.




EDIT: Doc and jsolarski were the first two. I'll be sending you guys the code later today when I get home from work. :-) Thanks for the help!

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The link works now. Very interesting! I have to register now that my curiosity has officially reached the critical threshold. He claims that he has a spectrum analyzer in there. Now THAT is something I need to see. I'm real curious as to how efficient he made the FFT (I assume he uses an FFT, the documentation didn't say). Using the F552X chips one could make a much more efficient/modern version of this. Very cool.


I will register when I get time, and if I see anything interesting I'll report my findings. Thanks for the link bluehash!



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