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Interfacing Stellaris Launchpad to CAN bus

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I've played around with the CAN module of the Stellaris controller on the Launchpad. To connect the Stellaris Launchpad to a CAN bus, an external CAN transceiver is needed... but only a few wires are necessary. See the attached circuit diagram.


Some further details about my experiments: http://www.fischl.de/arm/can_bus_interface_for_stellaris_launchpad/




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i am using a tm4c123g launchpad board,trying to read data from MOTEC ECU

The board when not connected to the ecu via can bus gives no error but and no data 

but when connected to the motec ecu via can bus i get "unhandled ERROR 60"

"unhandled ERROR 61" "unhandled ERROR 40" and sometimes "unhandled ERROR 45"

please help me

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