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Hello from Colorado

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Hello everyone.


My name is John and I have been a Software engineer specializing in X86 BIOS for 40+ years.


I got my 1st micro with the the Altair 8800 (S/n 00077).


I hae always been an electoronics hobbiest.


I have worked on Z80, 6805, H8, AVR, 1802 and whatever others chips came my way. 


I had just discovered Arduino last year and build several projects.  However, the chip was to limiting. and I did not like the IDE.  I now use my Slickedit editor and a custom batch file to build the Arduino invironment.  I tend not to use a digital I/O functions in Arduino as the prefromance sucks! I use my own macros (not functions).


I jumped at the chance to get the TI Sellaris Launchpad when they were annoouce and got 2.  Wow, much better FLASH and Ram and Speed. However being a profession software guy I no that efficiency is important so once again I used my own (actually TI's ) macros for I/O


Unfortunatly, due to my work, I have always been a windows person on my development systems.  A lot of the development here is in Linux (and rightly so).  Has anyone tried to use the GCC that comes with Arduino 1.5 for the Due as a GCC for the Launchpad? I don't want the arduino baggage, just the compiler.





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Thanks. I have been using code composer up ill now.  I don't really want the Ardiono suff as I will only be using the Ethernet and TFT libraries.  

I tried using .cpp under code composer and had difficuties.  I will try again.




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I have been using Code Composer and Stellarisware and have been very pleased with both.  While I like and use Linux, I don't have the time to figure out how to set up the tools to develop for Stellaris thereon.  If someone comes up with a one-button install, that would make me take another look.


I have used many of the same micros as you, and "Obsolete" microprocessors are an interest of mine.  I have a particular interest in the 1802.

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