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[Energia Library] LCD BoosterPack with Nokia 7110 LCD Library

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Library link: Energia library for $4.30 LCD BoosterPack


Store link : The $4.30 LCD BoosterPack - Limited Edition




The library for the LCD BoosterPack with Nokia 7110 LCD now supports both LaunchPad and StellarPad.


See commit 95c33da pending approval.


Download it from http://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/examples/7.Display/LCD_BoosterPack

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The LCD BoosterPack fits perfectly on the StellarPad. I guess many StellarPads owner would like to have one.


Are there plans to build another batch?

SugarAddict made the first batch and it was quite a sweat. We'll have to huddle up and get something done. He had custom made the frame and also bought a big batch of LCDs from somewhere.

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There were only about 90 made, can't find/get the lcd's anymore, I'll look again though this weekend if I can get another hundred somewhere. I can get the spacers made again since all the prep work on them is done already... it's just finding the lcd that is hard. I also ate some project money on those, so they could cost more if i do them again ever.

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