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Simple HD44780 Library without driverlib

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I have tested 2x16 LCD and works well. Included pll and systick routines.
Thist project is wroted withotut any driverlib functions. It will be a good example for "bare-metal coding".


HD44780 1602 LCD Connections;
RS -> PB0
EN -> PB1
D4 -> PD0
D5 -> PD1
D6 -> PD2
D7 -> PD3

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Hey!  I just tried your library out, and it seems to work.


Quick question though.  It looks like my third column is getting cut off, like the pixels on the far right of column three are dead.




It should read:


"2x16 LCD Testi"


I've looked for loose wires, but I don't see any.  Does this seem like it could be due to my soldering, or just a defective lcd?



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