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Dual-configuring TI's tools for Stellaris and MSP430 [WinXP]

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Here's a total newb question for you (but one that others may have)


I don't recall the details, but when I got into MSP430, I downloaded and installed all the avalable tools onto a Windows machine on my bench, and I messed something up beyond the ability of an un/re-install to fix. This ended up costing me over a year in getting started on the MSP430 Launchpad, because there was always something more "ready to go" on my To-Do list -- and by then I no longer had as much available time.


Maybe it was just me, but I seem to recall I wasn't the only one who had issues with the setup back then. Do I need to do anything special to install teh Stellaris IAR/CC etc. woithout messing up my exisiting MSP430 Launchpad setup. I have to confess that I never really understood that software's expected workflow and backup/folder structure. I ended up configuring them "my way"


If necessary, I could install it on another computer, but that would be admitting defeat and age. It hasn't been so long since I was all over this stuff in Windows.

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@cubeberg: What do you mean by installing in "separate directories"?


I first tried to install the Stellaris bits over an existing MSP430 CCS v5 installs but ran into issues, i.e. discrepancies to what I saw in the getting started workshop. I then uninstalled everything and did a fresh install with the packages recommended on the Stellaris wiki, selecting all the CPUs I'm interested in, including MSP430.


This single installation of CCS v5 works fine with Stellaris as well as MSP430 launchpad projects.





ps: CCS 5.2.1 on Windows 7, didn't dare to update to 5.3 yet

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