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Internet of things

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The ENC28J60 Booster Pack thread has got several posts that venture into wireless networking and internet of things. I thought it might make sense to bring these discussion to their own thread. The topic title might not be spot on, but it's fuzzy enough to cover almost everything :-)


Please add your ideas and comments to this thread (maybe even re-post ideas from the ECN28J60 Booster Pack thread).


I am currently playing around with a couple of CC2500 modules, which I am going to use for a small sensor network at home. Sensors could be anything such as temperature, humidity and motion sensors.

I designed a simple protocol, which allows battery operated devices to turn off the radio-device for a prolonged period. Currently, I have a prototype setup consisting of 3 temperature sensors connected to MSP430 Launchpads, and a Stellaris Launchpad that collects measurements and submits them to a web-service. A 3v 250mAh battery is able to run a MSP430 launchpad for over a week with measurements being performed every 5 minutes.


Now I am considering implementing the MAC layer (or parts of it) of IEEE 802.15.4 (low-rate wireless personal area networks, LR-WPANs). CC2550 will never be able to adhere the IEEE 802.15.4 specification, due to incompatible physical layer, but as I'm not really interested in compatibility this isn't a problem for me.

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