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gcc division problem

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I'm new here so hi.

I have a problem compiling stellarisware with a custom build of gcc. I'm using the custom build because I want to learn how to build an arm toolchain on linux.


I used buildroot to build everything.


The problem I'm having is that on the qs_rgb example there is an error:

In function `__aeabi_ldiv0':

undefined reference to `raise'


I think this has to do with floating point division used in the example.


the makedefs file for stellarisware is set up to use software floating point.


I'm using gcc 4.7.1 and it is set to use software fpu by default.


Has anyone successfully built their own toolchain?

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This was probably a dumb question.

I tried compiling from source but i don't think the gcc source has the same code as the one most people are using.

I got it to work for the blinky example but the fpu was not working in the qs-rgb example.

Eventually I downloaded from here https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded/+milestone/4.6-2012-q2-update

and everything is working

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