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Stellaris LaunchPad and servo control

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Hi guys,


i want to make a little project to create a 360°photography tool. My dad has a brand new Stellaris Launch Pad LM4F120, so i want to make it with this piece of hardware. My idea is to control a servo (TowerPro MG995) that will rotate a white desk, where i will have placed for example a Phone. I need to program stellaris to rotate the desk for 22,5°then send a signal to a DSLR to make a photo, then rotate the desk further for 22,5°then make a photo and soo, till i get 16 photos of the phone so i can create a 360°photo.


I am new at ARM programing so i need your help to point me to some materials, where i can learn this stuff. Maybe some ol projects to control a digital servo.


Thx and hope somebody will answer :)

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The problem with ARM development is that if you're looking for a huge support community similar to that of the Arduino, for example, then you'll be hardpressed to find it. It's nowhere near as prevalent in the hobby community as AVR/Arduino or PIC programming, but I'm happy to see that's slowly changing :)


I don't have a good example of servo control, but Texas Instruments has a very good library of tutorials and labs that you can access here:




Best of luck!

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