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Dear All,


I am interested to play with any Ethernet booster pack with my LM4F120 launchpad, I want to communicate with my launchpad via Ethernet using Hypertermincal. I have not so far bought any Ethernet booster pack but the one mentioned above seems to be a good candidate.


Is there any one who could share  the required library for interfacing WIZnet's W5200 controller with LM4F120 and to make the communication via Hyperterminal. ?


Also I dont know what is the communication protocol on Hyperterminal via Ethernet, UDP or TCP/IP ?


Thank you all in advance.

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I agree with you but you can use hyperterminal to talk to the microcontroller by mentioning the ip address and the port of the microcontroller (via ethernet booster pack) in the hyperterminal configuration setting.

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