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Realtime Clock or just a "seconds counter"?

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Hi everybody,


I'm tinkering with my launchpad and was looking at the RTC functionality. As I posted in a different post, I am trying a symbiosis with the Raspberry Pi. It would be great to use the launchpad to switch on the Raspberry Pi and functioning as a very advanced intelligent peripheral.


However, the RTC confuses me. I am used to have several registers to store the date, time and alarms. The RTC of the launchpad just seems to be a timer counting seconds, nothing more. Is this correct? So if I want to make an alarm I should calculate the amount of seconds in the timer register?


Or am I missing something?


Kind regards, Eelco

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Okay, that's what I expected, not really a RTC, but very usable,


Thanks for the swift reply! Did you buy the J-link debugger, you mentioned in another thread or did you skip it?


Kind regards, Eelco

YW.. I haven'y bought it as I already have one at work. So I'm waiting like you :)

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