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Eagle Library for Stellaris LaunchPad

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Attached is my Eagle Library for the Stellaris LaunchPad. It's my first attempt at creating an Eagle library so any advice would be gratefully received, but go easy on me! It was created in Eagle 6.2 so may not be compatible with earlier versions. It's heavily based on Gordon's MSP430 booster pack library from 43oh - http://forum.43oh.co...gle-footprints/


I intend to use to for mounting the launchpad on a larger PCB using the female header on the bottom but it should be OK for booster packs too. I've not used it on a board yet so there's a reasonable chance I've made a mistake somewhere and not noticed yet. Please check thoroughly before using it.


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How is this supposed to be used? I tried it on a board there I will put the Launchpad on top of my custom PCB (which is larger than the Launchpad). But using the Launchpad component from this lib will result in DRC errors on all wires crossing the outline of the Launchpad component.

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hello i used this. and i am getting this dimension error while routing although the board only has the header footprints on the layer itself and the border or the dimensions are floating above the wires on top layer.

would it cut down the wire on the marked errors?
how can i fix this error

following are the images of the error.


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