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Ready for a Project of the Month Competition?

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The Stellaris Launchpad may make for an interesting holiday show on it's own...

... but when paired with MSP430's and/or C2K's... and even more Stellaris Launchpads....

How many snowmen, manorah, trees, sidewalk lights... or ...?.... can you control?




So, let me clarify the offer:


1) I will contribute $10 US to the prize, be it a gift certificate to whichever online source or cash prize, at a minimum, assuming the winner used a Stellaris Launchpad.

... OR ...

2) I will contribute $20 US to the prize, if the project also includes an MSP430, C2000 or 2nd Stellaris Launchpad.

... OR ...

3) I will contribute $40 US to the prize, if the project includes the Stellaris Launchpad and at least two of the following: MSP430, C2000 or Stellaris processor.


The criteria are mutually exclusive- if the winner meets the criteria for [3], the winner can't claim [2] and [1], for example.




I will entertain, pending community opinion of course, the idea of "runner ups", provided those meet certain other standards.

A runner up cannot get a prize above the winner: if the winner doesn't meet the [3] criteria, neither can the runner up, right?

Therefore the runner up(s) would win the prize(s) below the winner... catch my drift?

Anyone could hook up a few MCU's and make some lights blink, but it's more about doing the most with the hardware and software than just hooking things up.


Besides that, I may possibly looking at forking over $70 just for doing this so I want to be sure people are putting real effort into their works.

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Thanks Abe,

That's very generous. I have 10 LM3S8962 kits to give away too. So that adds alot. I'd suggest we have one around the Stellaris Launchpad for now. We can have a cash prize for the first prize and then kits for the runner ups.


So far the prize list:

  1. 10 LM3S8962 kits.
  2. $10 from abecedarian. I can match another $10. Members are welcome to contribute.

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Ironically, the kits are worth more than the cash prize. ;)

So maybe the winner should get the cash prize and a kit, and the runner-ups would get a kit?


I will stipulate that if you enter the same project here, and on 43oh.com as well, you cannot claim the prize from both, should you win.

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