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PinMux utility

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This is standard TI stuff, but I just stumbled across this today and hadn't heard anyone else mention it. I thought I'd share in case anyone found it useful. It's a tool to help you set up your peripherals and ensure you don't have any pin clashes. I used to find this a pain on the MSP430 (but never actually got around to trying Grace). So far the example code seem to have been enough to get me configuring things OK, but it looks useful of you've got a lot going on.



You'll find a better explanation, a video and a download at this link.


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Note about running the Pinmux utility on Windows.


It requires .NET framework, but it doesn't seem to check whether .NET is present when you install or run pinmux.


When you run it it just gives the cryptic error: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)"


I don't know what version(s) of .NET it needs, but installing .NET 2.0, which also seems to have installed 1.0 and 1.1, seems to make it work okay (this is on Win XP).


Pinmux should give more informative error message, but thought this might help someone.

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