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J-Link debugger for $20

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I bought a mega cheap Keil Ulink2 debugger from Ebay and it works like a charm. They mostly use the same PCB layout with the same components. It shouldn't be more different from this debugger. I am starting to get impressed with the level of quality of chinese knock-offs.


Hope this helps to take the plunge and tell us what your experiences are with the device.


Kind regards, Eelco

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Don't buy this. I bought this one about 2 months ago and it is not compatible with the latest drivers, which is a pain. I never got it working with the old drivers and I bricked it trying out the new drivers, because they have an Anti-clone check.


I bought this one from an e-bay seller:



It works with the latest drivers. It's tiny and it has dual status LED's. One for USB connect and one when there's power found from the connector. The old one looks like it has some level shifting chips which this one does not, but I don't use anything other than 3.3V anyway.


I use it with this 20pin to 10pin 1.27mm adapter because I use the standard SWD header on my projects.



Works fine and it's fast. This replaces my old FT2232 based JTAG with SWD adapter that I used.

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