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Very Basic HD44780 driver for Stellaris LaunchPad

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Here's a very basic HD44780 driver for Stellaris Launchpad.   Supports up to 20x4 LCD and a full PORTB register is used. Due to the nature of the GPIOPinWrite function which uses masking and whatnot

R/W pin should not be left floating. Tie it to ground (1 = Read, 0 = Write) - the library just writes commands to the LCD module

Thanks a lot ! Problem solved After grounding R/W pin display started to work.     Thanks guys !

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i changed to PORT,connected the LCD to the relevanmt PORTA pins and the LCD is not showing anything,here are my macros

#define RS GPIO_PIN_2
#define E GPIO_PIN_3
#define D4 GPIO_PIN_4
#define D5 GPIO_PIN_5
#define D6 GPIO_PIN_6
#define D7 GPIO_PIN_7
when using PORTB its working just fine but moving to PORTA it doenst,what could be the problem?
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excuse me ! The_YongGrand

The lcd still doesn't work..

Does it require some change to make it run ..


Could you help me solve this problem? Thank you 


Please see http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

explain what the problem is, and what you have done so far.  (Which launchpad using, How you connected, what pin definitions, any other hardware, ....)

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