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The MotorPack is a 4 channel motor controller (Does more than drive the motors) based off four DRV8830 ICs from TI. Each channel can drive up to 1 Amp, for a total of 4 amps. Can drive motors or other actuators up to 6.8V (7V is absolute maximuim). Communication to the motor controllers is done through I2C. An on-board voltage regulator can provide power for the launchpad.


Status: Design Editing.









Designing in address select logic to enable stacking two motor control booster packs.

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Is a mode for steppers provided by the driver chips, or do you have to update each step via i2c? I'd love to be able to simply set a speed and direction via i2c and not have to drive each step! Also will these be stackable at different i2c addresses?


You have to update the controller for each step, But I'm sure i can abstract that in software. I also could do it with hardware by adding a MSP430 to control the drivers if that sounds more appealing.


I can certainly try to add selectable addresses (Either by jumpers or on-board logic).

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