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CCS V5.2 Linux and Stellaris Launchpad .. interesting find

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I came across this post on the e2e.ti.com forums:




It talks about another TI eval board that seems to have the same USB PID/VID as the Stellaris launchpad.

(1cbe:00fd Luminary Micro Inc.)


So hoping for the best, I created a file named:




and stuffed this into it:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<connection id="Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" class="31040">
<connectionType Type="LM_ICDI"/>
<property Type="hiddenfield" Value="No" id="dataFileRequired"/>


(/opt/ti) is my installation directory, you might have to change the location if you installed someplace else.


I followed the hints in that e2e post and ended up with a working CCS V5.2 under ubuntu 11.04. I restarted CCS as root and saw that there was a new connection type "Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface" in the General section of the project properties. I had to install and monkey around with the libraries mentioned in the post. Once it stopped complaining about missing libraries, I imported the workbook labs and was able to compile, download and debug on linux. Yay! I probably should add a udev entry so I can run as a regular user.


I'm still very interested in a command line openocd interface to the stellaris launchpad. Until that appears, at least I don't have to run windows or a virtual machine to get a working linux development environment for my Stellaris Launchpad.




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I can confirm this sorta works on Fedora 16-64bit as well, with appropriate hackery including downloading the drivers from FTDI, putting them someplace, and setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point there before starting CCS (I am not going to put those things into /usr/lib where they'll do george knows what to all the usb devices that actually work).


However, for whatever reason, CCS 5.2.1 on Linux seems significantly less stable than on Windows: won't automatically go back and forth between debug and edit views, menus are different, etc. Weird. (The "sorta works" above is just because, though it loaded the lab5 application and it runs, the breakpoint interface isn't working right, but I can't tell if it's Eclipse or the ICDI interface.)


Not worth fussing with right now. I like what I've seen of StellarisWare and the ARM environment so far, but I'll wait until openocd supports the LM4F120XL, or if time permits will play with the LM3S8962 (thanks bluehash; I'd gotten that going with CodeSourcery and OpenOCD a few weeks ago). Without some interesting booster packs there's not a lot I want to do with this thing at the moment.

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