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Thumbs up for TI's Stellaris Launchpad Getting Started videos.

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Ive just looked at one of TI's getting started using the Stellaris Launchpad videos and its really very very good. Not only does it show you how to use the Stellaris launchpad, how to code it and how the predefined codes are optimally used but it also is a good training exercise into the more advanced functionality of CCS.


I looked at the ADC12 explanation from:



Havent seen a nice easy clickable list of available video's (named by topic) yet, searching for that now.



: http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Getting_Started_with_the_Stellaris_EK-LM4F120XL_LaunchPad_Workshop?DCMP=stellaris-launchpad&HQS=stellaris-launchpadtraining




Cor B

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I note that TI is using Camtasia, one of the best products I've used in years!


Being the deviant, running Win7 on an older MacBook Pro through Boot Camp I will say that there are differences in the way things compile. It still works and that's a "Very Good Thing"!


Being an absolute noob at any programming (hey, I'm 61 and at college it was FORTRAN- puke") I'm just now learning to crawl. Way out on edge of civilization so no Higher Ed night classes available for C or Linux.


Will document where I see differences, but overall this foundation that TI has created is far above and beyond what I've seen from other companies. Great work!

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