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This is the same BP and glib I am using with MSP430 LaunchPad. Just a few code changes were required. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWZVqXJTCjU

Is there an estimate for when this will available. I'm very very interested in acquiring one. Regards!

B# will have them tomorrow.

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RobG -

My mistake, I am on an LM4F120 launchpad.  I DID reinstall CCS at the urging of timotet on 43oh forum, and still the StellarisWare folder was not automatically identified by CCS.  Using timotet's instructions I was able to use TI Resource Explorer to find StellarisWare folder and link it.  This should probably be a mandated check upon starting the first project as CCS clearly did not do "its thing" when installed either time.


Notwithstanding, lm4f120h5qr.h was still nowhere to be found.  I did find a copy on the web, it had some weird invisible syntax problem with a lot of the commented out lines, these I used find/replace to fix and viola! as the French say, suddenly timotet's "Helloworld" splashed up on the screen!


Next I will attack the color game.

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Im glad you got it going EZR, but something is still up with your install if its not seeing the #include lm4f120h5qr.h


should be  ccsv5 -> ccs_base -> arm -> include



All credit for this goes to RobG!


I just did a simple port of his existing work.

RobG even documents what needs to be done on the 43oh forum.

I just put it together and supplied the files!

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Don't understand your shorthand (should be  ccsv5 -> ccs_base -> arm -> include).


I am on  Version: of CCS.  Cannot find the lm4f120h5qr.h file anywhere that I did not place it myself.  Besides resident in the Project, I have a copy stored at C:\StellarisWare\driverlib


Touch features not working, will keep fighting with this...

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