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How do you like this forum platform?

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I have no issues with rendering pages from clicked links but I noticed when adding to the blog or editing posts, occasionally it doesn't update the page correctly. Clicking on the button causes the progress indicator to appear at top/center of the page but after a few seconds it disappears and more often than not, nothing happens or the page refreshes and my comment doesn't show. I found that if I click twice, it seems to take. I quickly learned to copy the content before submitting so I can paste and try again if it fails.


I haven't noticied it happening on regular forum posts.


IE9 / Windows 7 SP1, fully patched from Windows Update.


-edit: okay, I just went to edit this and when I clicked edit, the progress indicator popped up, disappeared and nothing changed, no editor, etc.

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On 18/09/2012 at 8:38 PM, bluehash said:

Looks like a fair bit of activity with members posting comments and blogs.

How do you guys like it?

Is it easier to navigate? Responsive?

Let me know.


It works smoothly.

I really appreciate the way the new forum handles pictures: click-and-drop is so easy to use.

However, opening a new thread often results on duplicate posts.

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