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Recommended IDE for a noob?

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It's been years since I've done programming. I've played around with .NET dialects of VB and and was toying with Java a while back, but my most thorough programming experiences have been with Pascal, Applesoft Basic and TI Extended Basic on the TI-99/4A. So now that I've firmly dated myself as a product of the 1980's....


It seems a prerequisite will be C / C++ knowledge, unless someone knows of alternative IDE's, so I presume I'll need to delve into either (both?) of those. Any suggestions on good primer materials?


Which leads back to the topic: which IDE would be most suitable for a beginner?

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Java syntax is not that much different then C. If you can read Java you can probably read C. Writing it will take some time and practice. If you have figured out that many other languages adding C won't be hard. Kernighan and Ritchie's C Programming Language is the defacto standard book that everyone seems to think they need on the shelf. More of a reference than a tutuorial though. See the long list of examples in the StellarisWare download that I linked to before in this thread. Most are one or two files and should help get you started.


There is an effort to get Energia working on the Stellaris LaunchPad which would open up the Arduino language/API but that may be just one more thing to learn that is somewhat limited. Also I don't know what the schedule is for that effort.


As for IDE's: IAR and Keil are both proprietary and limited unless you pay a good chunk of money. The editors and environments are theirs and would require some learning. If you know Java, you may know eclipse. If you know eclipse then i suggest either Code Composer (TI) or Sourcery CodeBench (Mentor Embedded). Both run in an eclipse environment. On previous kits TI has made Code Composer free and unlimited for use with the kit. Only pay if you move to your own design.


Good Luck and welcome to MCU's.



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