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Hello guys,


I just find out this forum and want to introduce mikroE ARM compilers as one of solution for Stellaris development.


Also very interesting tool for gui development is a VisualTFT:



Have a nice weekend!


Are you from mikroE.. if you are, then good! We can ask you questions.

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Thanks Marko.. what LCD controllers does your visualTFT UI support?

- Can we use it on a custom board.

- What is the licence cost? For the demo limit.. by 7 components, what do you mean.. can you explain?

bytesize- it appears the license cost is $99 USD (shows at the bottom of the page).


But I am curious about this too. What is meant by "7 components"? Are "components" analogous to "controls" such as "button", "text area" and such?

For instance a display with a "frame" showing some text is one component, and "Back", "Select" and "Forward" buttons are each additional components?

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