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Hello world!


I own a MacBookPro with SnowLeopard. I've already installed Xcode platform which is supposed to be able to compile "c" files. There's even a gcc running from command line.


I was wondering if this would be enought or if tehere's something better.



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CCS wont work on the mac. But there is arm-gcc which will work for you.

This is from the C2kCentral forums:

OSX support will continue to be limited for now. Like bluehash said, there is no compiler, and it is questionable whether the debugger would work. That being said, TI is aware of the growing number of engineers using Apple products. We are actively working to add support for Mac OS to our products.
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I'm a Mac user and here are the solutions I use:


First solution is Energia.


Energia is a Processing-based Wiring-derived Arduino-like IDE for the LaunchPad MSP430. As at today, Energia supports MSP430G2xxx-based LaunchPads, the FraunchPad with MSP430FR5739.


Support for C2000 is on the making and well as for the StellarPad.



Second solution is Xcode, thanks to the embedXcode template I've developed. It supports a long list of MCU boards.


embedXcode relies on makefiles, which can be used with other IDEs, like the successful test with NetBeans.


embedXcode uses the Processing-based Wiring-derived Arduino-like IDEs for easy installation of the framework. Main benefit is, supporting a new platform with such an IDE only requires writing a specific makefile.


As at today, embeXcode supports Arduino 23 and 1.0, Wiring, chipKIT, LeafLabs Maple, LaunchPad and FraunchPad boards.


Support for Arduino 1.5 is on progress (build and link already work, but I can't test upload because I have no Arduino Due at hand!) and support for the StellarPad will be ready when Energia is stabilised.


Enjoy :)

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Energia release 0101E009 now supports the Stellaris LaunchPad!



Please find the latest releases of Energia:


Other links of interest:




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