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ARM programming on a breadboard

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Thanx for the tip.


I seem to remember they were a lot cheaper @Arrow , and wa shoping we could hit the 100 pcs price.

But else i'll have a loon at Mousers shipping again.


Thanx for the tip




You are indeed correct, Arrow is much cheaper than Mouser, at least in America. Arrow Americas has the LPC1114FN28 for 1.51 USD in single piece quantities. Arrow Europe has them for 2.93 USD (which is around the same as Mouser). Digikey has them for 2.82 USD (for single piece quantities).

I'd say that it will be somewhat difficult to get the chips at 1.51 USD in the EU as even Arrow has them more expensive in Europe. It could be due to a lower demand in Europe, but who knows. Mouser and DigiKey have them for around 1.50 USD when buying 1000 pieces. Interestingly, the LPC1114FBD48 (LQFP48 package) is around the same in Arrow Europe and Arrow Americas. Mouser and DigiKey are still a tad more expensive.

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I've been writing on this chip over on 43oh.com. The lpc1114 seems more like an msp430 chip than the cortex-m4 chips this site is focused on. Besides, I can never remember how to spell stellarisiti.com


Find it here:





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