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Why should I move to Stellaris?

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Hi Guys,

I'm new here and just learnt about this site through HaD. I have the STM32 discovery kits and they seem to be pretty good. Is there any reason that I should move to Stellaris. It is another ARM chip..should I change? What real advantage does it have?.. apart from the price.


Thanks.. please be frank.

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Lets see.. StellarisWare, boosterPack ecosystem(there are over 30 boosterpacks for the MSP430 which can be ported over). Rich peripheral interface.. more than any out there. Floating point in hardware.


The first two are valid. I don't know StellarisWare but I do trust TI to produce better documentation and examples than ST. I really don't like the way the ST libs are set up, and getting an stm32 kit running is not that straightforward. TI does have more boosterpacks, but 30 isn't particularly impressive.


The rest of the points are contestable. The more recent (F4 series) stm32 chips are generally faster and have more features (like i2s, ethernet mac, dac, more ram, more flash). The F4 discovery is more expensive 12$ but has more pins and more features on the board (like an audio codec, accelerometer, microphone). The F4 stm32 also uses the cortex-m4f so it does floating point as well.


Personally, whilst I still might use stm32 chips, I tend to favour ease of use and set-up time ahead of features (until I need them).

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The brand.


ST doesn't exactly care about hobbyists, makers, or [insert_title_here]. Generally TI has better IDEs, Better documentation, and excellent support even if you are a [insert_title_here]. Plus the Stellaris LaunchPad should be able to fit in a breadboard (hopefully)


A powerful hardware platform is useless if you don't know how to use it.

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