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Would anyone like a Stellaris specific forum/website?

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I'm wondering if it is worthwhile creating a new Stellaris Forum/website like C2KCentral and 43oh? Arm-HQ has not been growing like it should have and there seems to forums for specific chipsets like the STM32 and Raspberry-Pi.


I can have Arm-HQ converted to a Stellaris forum and archive all the current posts. The Stellaris will have an initial price of $5.00 which means there will be a lot of new people interested in it.


Let me know below.

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For $5 I'm sure to get a Sellaris LanchPad but still think the Raspberry-Pi with all its feateature including Ethernet for $35 is a great thing to play with. There might be a niche for a forum that concentrates on the real-time and GPIO features of the Pi. I do wish the Pi had a real-time OS that it could run.


Another factor, what will the Stellaris price be after the initial promotional? I would think a little more than the C2000 Launchpad.

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I really don't think the Stellaris launchpad will have a very large following. I found that most of the msp lauchpad hype was from people expecting a $5 Arduino.

Keeping the Stellaris under this forum might be the best choice as the number of dedicated Stellaris users is probably going to be small.

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