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The Ultimate Guide To Eclipse IDE based STM32F0 Programming

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This guide's intent and purpose is to allow a user with minimal Linux experience to successfully setup an absolutely free development environment to program the STM32F0 microcontroller with full debugging capability.



  1. A Linux distro, I used Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu works nicely too)
  2. An Internet connection
  3. At least 2gb of spare hard drive space
  4. Familiarity with terminal
  5. A STM32F0 Discovery Board!

PART 1 – Install Codesourcy

PART 2 – Install OpenOCD

PART 3 – Install Eclipse

PART 4 – Setup File Directory

PART 5 – Setup Eclipse

PART 6 – Configure the gdb/OpenOCD


Hope you enjoy! Any questions, comments, feedback, feel free to sound off below.Also a STM32F4 guide is on its way. When it gets here depends on how much spare time I have....




Edit: Thanks bluehash! Guide is now hosted on arm-hq.


v1-2 Downloads


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Dead end again. :unsure:


Part 4.9 Copy stm32f0-discovery-basic-template/board/ folder to...

There is no board folder.

oppa@siductionbox:~/git$ ls stm32f0-discovery-basic-template/
Device extra inc Libraries Makefile README.md src


PART 6.1 Under Debug Configurations ensure your values match these

There is no OpenOCD Debug

oppa@siductionbox:~/git$ openocd -v
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.5.0 (2011-08-09-08:45)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read

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Oppa hope this helps.

Thanks but nope.




I'm using the Debian package of openocd and thought that may be the problem, so I tried to build openocd like you described but this is just another fail.


oppa@siductionbox:~/git$ git clone http://repo.or.cz/r/openocd.git
Cloning into 'openocd'...
oppa@siductionbox:~/git$ ls
openocd  SimpleIDE-0-8-1  stlink  stm32f0-discovery-basic-template
oppa@siductionbox:~/git$ cd openocd
oppa@siductionbox:~/git/openocd$ ls
AUTHORS		    config_subdir.m4  guess-rev.sh  NEWS-0.3.0    src
AUTHORS.ChangeLog  configure.ac	  HACKING	   NEWS-0.4.0    tcl
bootstrap		  contrib		   jimtcl	    NEWS-0.5.0    testing
BUGS			   COPYING		   Makefile.am   NEWTAPS	   TODO
ChangeLog		  doc			   NEWS		  README	    tools
common.mk		  Doxyfile.in	   NEWS-0.2.0    README.Win32  uncrustify.cfg
oppa@siductionbox:~/git/openocd$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-maintainer-mode --enable-stlink^C
bash: ./configure: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden |-> file not found
oppa@siductionbox:~/git/openocd$ ls doc
fdl.texi  INSTALL.txt  Makefile.am  manual  openocd.1  openocd.texi
oppa@siductionbox:~/git/openocd$ less doc/INSTALL.txt
oppa@siductionbox:~/git/openocd$ less README
oppa@siductionbox:~/git/openocd$ ./bootstrap
+ aclocal
./bootstrap: Zeile 27: aclocal: Kommando nicht gefunden. |-> command not found

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So, managed to get a bit further. To build openocd I had to install libusb-dev and automake.


Now I've tried to compile the demo firmware of the STM32F0-Discovery board. Although stm32f0xx.h is there and even opened in eclipse:

../src/STM32F0-Discovery_FW_V1.0.0/Utilities/STM32F0-Discovery/stm32f0_discovery.h:38:23: fatal error: stm32f0xx.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.



I started debugging manually aaand:

Open On-Chip Debugger 0.6.0-dev-00640-g40801d2 (2012-07-30-12:01)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
Runtime Error: embedded:startup.tcl:47: Can't find ./boards/stm32f0discovery.cfg
in procedure 'script'
at file "embedded:startup.tcl", line 47 



The last one was easy, the path is ./board/..

stm32f0xx not found was my fault, I forgot to add one iclude path. The next compiler run yelled core_cm0.h not found at me. I found it and added another include path. Now I get stm32f0xx_conf.h not found. :rolleyes:

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Yep need the dev openocd as since v6 only includes stm32f0. No other version has it.


Sorry for forgetting libusb-dev and automake. Those must have already been installed with my stm32f4 stlink installation.


Make sure you have added the includes to both GNUC and assembly in step 5 part 4.

Also make sure to "Copy stm32f0xx_conf.h from an example project in the STM32f0 firmware package to the Template/src/ folder"

And you posted a screenshot of the debug configurations. Do you have a problem with configuring the debug configuration?



Get any further?

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What's the error message? With my guide there should be minimal folder/file movement and only 14 includes (7 GCC[4 workspace, 3 codesourcery], 7 Assem[4 workspace, 3 codesourcery]). Like I said, I was able to get it working in Linux, and I documented it along the way (guide=documentation).

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