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Literature: Programming, Compiling, Linking ...Toolchains in general

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I am experiencing a great amount of difficulties trying to work with stm32 chips under linux. I think I should go back one step and actualy understand the whole thing.

I already got a basic understanding for most of the stuff ... but I feel like I am missing a solid foundation. It's like the wikipedia-articels - kind of fragmented.


After I realises that I don't really know what an operating system is I read "Modern Operating Systems" which was great because it's easy to understand. (to be honest: I only read the snippets i could find in the web but It was enough for the basics ;) )


Any suggestions where to start ? I guess there might be some good "understanding toolchains for dummies" tutorials but I did'nt find yet. I just don't understand how you guys _really_ understand all this stuff? Is ist because all the geeks went to university and studied computer science?




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