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Dear All,


Base on the datasheet, When the DCO of MSP430F2121 work at 12MHz,The voltage of power supply will at 2.7V to 3.6V.

My question is:

SomeTime the voltage is less than 2.7V for a while and come back to 2.7V immediately, The MCU will work uncorrectly permanent or work correctly when the voltage is resumed.



Best Regards.


yjrancid :)

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It should continue working as long as you dont go below the brown out voltage, the side effect may be that the DCO may slow down a bit or start glitching. once it comes back up to regular voltage levels the DCO should be back to your selected clock speed.


You will have to test on how low the voltage can go before it stops working, each chip will be slightly different Brownout voltage.

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