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Hi Everyone,

for some time I'm trying to get a BMI160 IMU working with the MSP430 (G2231) on the launchpad. I've written both my own code and used the I2C example from TI. With both, I had no luck when sending the slave address to receive an ACK from the slave. First thought this might be due to my code, but the code works when using a different sensor on the Bus.

Now I have tried different Bosch sensors on the bus, another BMI160, and a BMP280 (Environmental Pressure sensor). All with the same problem, I don't get any ACK from the Slave - even if I run all slave address up to 0xFF.

Has someone a Bosch sensor working with the MSP430 launchpad? At the moment I'm guessing this is somehow an incompatibility between the MSP430 and the Bosch sensors.

Thanks a lot!

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