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Whhich ARM chip do you work on?

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I voted Stellaris, as I have one on my desk. Not that I'm actively using it -- but I will when time allows it :-).

Also voted for "Other" as I am doing a little work on the FriendlyARM MINI2440 board, which has a Samsung S3C2440 ARM920T. Maybe that actually goes into the "higher end" category. Oh well :-)

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Don't the ARM9s run Windows CE? what were you planning for it?


Yes, it does run Windows CE.

I'm running NetBSD on it. I have had various plans with it, but most of them got changed along the way :-). Currently, I'm mainly making NetBSD run on it, but my original plan was to make an audio player. I'll probably return to that at some point :-)

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