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STM32F4-Discovery Control for GRBL

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OK, it didn't look like you had ported GRBL to it. So basically you have a nice ARM based jog pendant : ) .


I'm also interested in GRBL. The F4 board seems like it would be a great match and better replacement for the avr chip. I'm going to try getting GRBL going on the F0 board first though. I'm thinking that for $8 it would make an incredibly inexpensive device. The downside is that you still need a decent USB->Serial chip to interface with the computer. I have an FTDI serial breakout board I'll try at first. With the added ram, flash and pins I'm guessing it should be pretty easy to get it going. If you start on this and get something going, please post any info here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds this an interesting subject.





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